a space for kids in the hood to practice, learn and innovate on hip hop dance & culture.


Rishikesh Street Art Festival

rishikesh dance kids march 2015

A two day workshop with an amazing group of bboys!

This Weekend in Delhi


Alag Admi Jam


Tiny Drops in Dharamsala


Celebrating the Full Moon with Dharamsala Dance Arts and the Tibetan Institute Of Performing Arts,  May 25th, 2013

Tiny Drops CDs!

Khirkee Park Jam, Khoj Dus Tak Festival


Tiny Drops <3 Khirkee! ZaN

Sandip Samaddar

MC Nagin


BBoy Runin


Indo-German Mela


Tiny Drops + TwoShadez rocked the stage at the Indo-German Mela!

Tiny Drops at Bacardi NH7 Weekender


with graffiti by Zine & SamSam!

BBoys Neguin ~ Roxrite ~ Pelezinho & Cico Visit Tiny Drops Mumbai

BBoys Neguin ~ Roxrite ~ Pelezinho & Cico Visit Tiny Drops Mumbai

Africa Day!

Tiny Drops dancers were honored to share the stage with Horn of Africa, Amazing Talent, and Indian Ocean.

ZaN + Manmeet Kaur rocked the mic + DJ HeRa held down the decks:

Tiny Drops dancers choreographed a piece to Indian Ocean’s ‘Desh Mera’ (@4:10):

Africa Day with Indian Ocean

SlumGods opens for Indian Ocean, with Horn of Africa dance troupe, and African rock band Amazing Talent to celebrate AFRICA DAY on may 25th at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi. See you there!



SlumGods on Yak Films

slumgods win crank dat1

SlumGods / Khirkee Park Jam video by A Little Anarky Films was
featured by Yak Films!!

SlumGods at Tihar Jail

slumgods at tihar jail

SlumGods performed with Delhi’s the Ska Vengers for a packed house inside Tihar Jail, with surprise guest Sasha Perera of Jahcoozi. The performance was held in support of Tihar’s Music Program.

We were covered by The New York Times!!

SlumGods wins Crew-on-Crew battle at Crank Dat/ Delhi!

slumgods win crank dat1

SlumGods won the Crew-on-Crew Battle at Crank Dat – The Heat | New Delhi on Sunday Apr 29 2012!!!

Here’s a video of BBoy Milan in the One-on-One Semi Finals.

Tiny Drops/ Slum Gods at Tihar Jail Project Benefit, Blue Frog Delhi April 19, 2012

BBoys Ashu, Shiv & Lala with ZaN of 2-Shades & Sahiba, on the way to Blue Frog


BBoy Shiv & ZaN


MC Heam & ZaN


MC Heam, ZaN & DJ HeRa



Slumgods at Khirkee

Slumgods at Khirkee (thank you Anarky Films!)

Khirkee Park Jam March 31, 2012


Khirkee Park Jam March 31, 2012

(photos by Vijay Katé)


Tiny Drops Session photographed by Alexandre Dupeyron


tiny drops in session:

an incredible photo shoot by alexandre dupeyron



tiny drops at bboy respect, amity university


tiny drops represented at the bboy respect circle, amity university, february 24, 2012.

photos by john monsang

bboy shiv

bboy rishi

dj HeRa

mc mandeep sethi



Tiny Drops Session in Vanz Village, Gujarat

On Thursday February 2, 2012, a group of Tiny Drops educators and artists brought the culture of self-expression and empowerment through Hip-Hop to the small rural village Vanz in the state of Gujurat. Led by DJ Uri, representing Tiny Drops India Hip Hop Community Center and Start From Scratch (UK), the group coordinated a trip from Mumbai to Vanz Gujrati Primary School in order to conduct a multi-dimensional workshop consisting of lessons in DJing, Breakdancing, Graffiti, and Music Performance.

The group of educators who travelled for this outreach program included MC Mandeep Sethi (USA), Members of the Roc Fresh Crew Mumbai, photographer Joel Sames (Switzerland), DJ/Producer Nick Hutchins from LCMP (Leicester/UK), and filmmaker Julia Matyschick (Germany).


Pictures by Joel Sames 

The day started off with a beautiful welcoming ceremony performed by the students of the Primary school, followed by an all out Hip-Hop performance by established Indian breakdance group Roc Fresh Crew, Zulu Nation and SlumGods MC Mandeep Sethi, with DJ Uri on the decks. The children’s attention levels were at full blast as they were amazed by moves and dance styles most had never seen live before. The performance then moved into an interactive DJ Lesson with DJ Uri, who worked with the youths one on one, explaining scratch techniques using turntables and a mixer.

Mandeep Sethi then gave a rap performance, engaging with the youth using call and response. A few students even volunteered to come and perform songs on their own that they had learnt in school. In the mean time, Roc Fresh Crew had moved to another part of the school to lead a breakdance workshop with all of the youth interested in dance. They returned 40 minutes later with the youths, and performed in front of the whole school, leaving even the headmaster Mr Mahendra Singh cheering for more. Followed by the break-dancers performance, the students moved outside to enjoy a interactive graffiti art lesson with Joel, who helped the youth work on a canvas with the letters VANZ. The students were able to help Joel outline and color the letters, and slowly everyone around came to sign their name on the canvas in their own style.

The event carried a personal energy for Uri, whose father help build the school and cultivate a curriculum reflected of what the youth truly need. A lot of his younger family members attend the school, and it was great for him to expose them to his career and give them more of an understanding on what his does in Mumbai. The event was an absolute success and the children were all left smiling and wanting more. The head teacher of the school was overcome by the reactions and enthusiasm of all the children that participated. There are plans by the group to follow up with a continuation of the workshops in order to reinforce the lessons and continue spreading the empowerment that is associated with Hip-Hop culture.

Cypherholic Delhi – Dec 4th


The regular event held by Tiny Drops, Roc Fresh Crew, SlumGods, and Tandaava Crew, was this time assisted by the ‘Indo-German Hip Hop & Urban Art Project 2012′. This saw the likes of German Graffiti writers such as Wok, Loomit, and Tasso coming and showcasing their skills, as well as German Hip Hop pioneer Zeb Roc Ski adding to the events already hyped ambience.

Dj Uri & DJ Mo City held the pace of the event selecting the right beats to keep everyone moving for almost 8 hours!

The event was once again held at the Goethe Institut, with an attentendce of over 400 BBoys/BGirls/MCs/DJs/Writers and spectators of all ages. 


Pictures of Cypherholic by Joel Sames




TINY TOONES & TINY DROPS / Hip Hop Schools Cambodia & India
06. – 17. September 2011, 12am – 6 pm

Prenzlauer Berg / www.commongroundgallery.de

STREET CULTURES like skateboarding, breakdancing and street art have the fascinating potential to bring people of different backgrounds together, bridging the gap between their social and cultural differences, and thus creating an opportunity for exchange and cooperation. Hip Hop, skateboarding, and BMX are no longer only part of western culture, but have become global phenomena that are growing especially quickly in Asia. As a result, the number of projects and initiatives that use street cultures as a tool in international development work is growing steadily.

Many of the people that are involved with these activities have recognized that sport and creative programs can be connected to „Empowerment“ and education in a very sensible way. This includes initiatives like „Back to School“ programs that focus on traditional forms of education, as well as more experimental forms of education that are largely creative arts based and focus on socially inclined topics, i.e. local communities are being empowered about topics like environment, health, diet, and racism.

The networks of these various street cultures work in an informal way to overcome language and cultural barriers, as these activities have their own language and culture. For example, skateboarders speak to each other in a certain way about the sport that is universal, a kickflip is always a kickflip, and street art has its own codes and symbols. Consequently, heritage, religion, skin color, or social status are pushed into the background. Through street cultures intercultural bridges are being built, which can be used to reduce prejudice and promote conflict resolution.

The event introduces projects from Cambodia, Afghanistan, China and India, that are using new and innovative methods in the field of social development, with their own strategies and models.

The exhibition will be accompanied by films, workshops, skype-conferences, fundraising events and a music program under the umbrella of the Berlin Music Week.

Exhibition 06. – 17. September 2011 | 12am – 6 pm
Finissage Friday, 16. September 2011 | 7 – 11 pm | MARC HYPE, BEATEVOLUTIONERS

NYC: 7/27 @ Alwan: Fundraiser for Tiny Drops Hip Hop Center & SlumGods

Wed July 27th, 930-midnight  (Immediately after the 2nd Arab & South Asian Short Video Slam at 7pm)
Alwan for the Arts <http://www.alwanfortharts.org/>
16 Beaver St., 4th Floor (b/w broad and broadway), lower manhattan

*$7-$10 Sliding Scale*

Join us to support India-based Tiny Drops Hip Hop Community
Center,<http://tinydrops.org/>which now has locations in Mumbai and Delhi.  Under the care, vision and commitment of Netarpal ‘Heera’ Singh and the SlumGods collective, Tiny Drops has emerged as a creative hub and haven for children living in local slums, offering alternative music/dance/arts and cultural programming and events, including workshops in breaking and graffiti.

Hosted by MC MANDEEP SETHI (Zulu Nation-All Tribes/SlumGods), Representing Slum Gods as well as the global Hip-Hop scene, Mandeep Sethi is a young yet seasoned emcee/activist from Los Angeles that has shown and proven his ability to rhyme and freestyle with the best. Mandeep’s primary focus is to educate the youth about the circumstances in which we are living in while resonating ancient indigenous cultures within them, revealing the gods in all of us. From rhyming to djing, music serves as the language translating beats and words into scripts and hymns.

We will be showcasing videos of the work that is being done in India, and presenting on the Hip-Hop Collective “SlumGODS” and the ways in which they are using hip-hop culture to defy and destroy the class and caste system that has plagued the motherland.

Performance by

BROWN UNIVERSITY – the hip hop side project of the THE KOMINAS (of Taqwacore fame).


Plus guest numbers by South Bronx BBoys!

Enjoy dope videos, snacks and drinks & good vibes!


Graffiti Workshop with ZebRocSki

German Graffiti / BBoy pioneer ZebRocSki stopped by with us for two weeks. The time was amazing, from BBoy sessions, graffiti workshops, and sharing Hip Hop history.

We’re looking forward to building with more german artist during the Indo – German Hiphop year, starting this oct, and running all of next year. We’ll have the chance to meet some of germany’s legends like Can 2. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a hot winter.



Graffiti WorkShop with Heta1, Daku & Zine

The graffiti artist Heta 1, from france, along with Delhi’s Daku and Zine, came together for a graffiti workshop and painting with TinyDrops. Space was provided on the roof of a ‘labour housing’, and a lot fresh faces were able to attend because we were wide in the open, including a lot of the residents at the housing.

This is was the first time many students got their hands on spray paint, and even before directions could be given, they were painting.

The idea that Graffiti can be used to color neighborhoods which are other wise ignored were expressed, now lets see what all the gray walls in Khirkee look like in a few years.